Assembly and Handling
Motek trade fair 2023
Visit us in Hall 3 | Stand 3512
Efficient assembly and ergonomic handling with moduhub modules

ROEMHELD presents modular solutions at this year's Motek trade fair which enable more flexibility, efficiency and throughput in assembly. The moduhub components by ROEMHELD can be freely combined and offer variable functions such as lifting, rotating, tilting, fixing and moving of workpieces.

Thus changing demands on workpiece handling can be fulfilled quickly and easily. Both manual and semi-automated assembly workstations can be quickly adapted, extended and optimised with only a few changes.

ROEMHELD will show the variety and possibilities of the moduhub system from 10th to 13th October in Stuttgart, in hall 3 at stand 3512.

About moduhub

The assembly and handling of heavy workpieces can be a major challenge, both for the employees and for the assembly processes.

This is where moduhub comes in with its innovative module combinations that enable easy assembly and ergonomically optimal handling.

moduhub becomes multifunctional

The moduhub modules can be effortlessly combined to form multifunctional units. By simply assembling and screwing the individual modules, either directly on top of each other or with the adapter plates supplied, robust and flexible assembly solutions are created. These enable efficient and precise assembly of components.

Ergonomics play a decisive role, especially in the manual assembly of heavy workpieces. By using moduhub modules, heavy components can be brought into the desired assembly position without effort and ergonomically optimised.

This brings numerous advantages to both the employees and the assembly processes:

  • Higher work performance through reduction of physical stress
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Maintaining performance in old age
  • Reduction of work-related illnesses and absenteeism
  • Increasing satisfaction and well-being
  • Reduction of assembly time
  • Increasing flexibility and throughput

in addition, the moduhub modules ensure compliance with regulations. According to the guidelines, maximum loads of 15 kg may be moved in repetitive activities without assistance. With moduhub, these specifications can be met without any problems.

At this year's MOTEK, ROEMHELD will present a novel, hand-guided fixture for mounting bearings

It is hydraulically operated, so joining forces of up to 100kN can be achieved and ensures uniform joining results. It can be flexibly adapted to the respective bearings and housing dimensions via corresponding holders.

Due to a suspension on a balancer, the space requirement in the working area is low, and at the same time the device can be operated ergonomically and without great effort. In combination with our ergonomic assembly fixtures, a wide range of assembly processes can be carried out in one clamping operation.

Since the fixture is movable, unlike a stationary press, it is particularly suitable for large and heavy components. This means that the reclamping or relocation of the component that is often necessary in joining processes can be avoided.

This results in a simplification of the processes and thus also in time and cost savings.


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