Assembly and Handling
moduhub systems 
for handling technology

On this page we show you some systems or functional units of moduhub components for handling technology. You can filter the systems according to the following criteria:
Industry: Industry in which the system can be used sensibly as a priority.
Function: Lifting, rotating (horizontally or vertically) and tilting or a combination of several functional axes.
Mobility: Stationary or mobile (movable) system.
Max. Load (kg):  Maximum load or workpiece weight with which the system is to be loaded.



Please select:
Stationary assembly station

Stationary assembly station with the functions lifting and turning-horizontal
For workpieces up to 100 kg

Part number: 6400857

  • Height-adjustable stroke 300 mm with lifting module Solid
    (high load capacity and very smooth running due to roller guide)
  • With electric drive and foot switch
  • With horizontal rotary axis DMhe
    (max. drive torque: 120 Nm)
  • Infinite, electric rotation by hand switch
  • Autostop every 90
  • Base plates according to M8.100 optionally available
Stationary assembly station

Stationary assembly station
with the functions lifting, turning-horizontal (tilting) and turning-vertical

For workpieces up to 80 kg

Part number: 6400885

  • Stroke 300 mm with lifting module TwinStrong with electric drive
  • With horizontal rotary axis DMhe-Solid (max. drive torque: 500 Nm) as tilting axis -90° to +90°
  • With vertical rotation axis DMve
  • Infinite, electric rotation; auto stop every 90°
  • Stable stand on steel base plate
  • Central operation outside the danger zone via control panel on the control cabinet
  • Power supply 230V / 1P
Mobile assembly trolley

Mobile assembly trolley
For workpieces up to 200 kg

Part number: 6400893

  • Height adjustment 300 mm with ShopFloor lifting module with electric drive with manual switch
  • Assembled on WMS 200 and 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors (125 mm)
  • Mains-independent power supply with a rechargeable battery system according to M8.201
Assembly and logistics trolley

Assembly and logistics trolley
For workpiece weights up to 400 kg

Part number: 6400871

  • Lifting module with foot pump and 300 mm stroke
  • Table top can be rotated infinitely by means of DMv
  • A self-locking index position optimally enables the machining of rotationally symmetrical components.
  • Round steel table top
  • WMS 600 steel trolley module with coupling brake (one-foot operation) and 4 castors
Stationary assembly station

Stationary assembly station
with lifting and turning functions

For workpieces up to 150 kg

Part number: 6400880

  • Lift 800 mm with lifting module ShopFloor telescope with electric drive
  • With vertical rotation axis DMv
  • Index with 8x45° manually unlockable with foot pedal
  • Stable stand on base plate 500x750 mm made of steel