Assembly and Handling
Assembly and Handling
Bike basicLift

Bicycle assembly stand

"Bike basicLift" for service centres and mobile repair services

Bike BasicLift for service centres and mobile repair services
Based on its tried and tested modular system moduhub, ROEMHELD has developed the compact Bike basicLift, which can be used universally in smaller and mobile workshops, for example inside transport vehicles. With the hydro-manual basic model, the height of bicycles weighing up to 50 kg can be adjusted by a maximum of 800 mm. Thanks to a universal adapter, many commercially available bicycle mounts and clamping claws can be attached. This assembly device is particularly rigid and firmly clamps the bicycle, enabling safe, injury-free and efficient work.

Roemheld Bicycle assembly stand

Bike basic Lift

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Over 70 years of experience in the industry For over 70 years, we have been developing and producing not only products for clamping technology but also components and systems for assembly and handling technology for the industry.

The industries are diverse:

From A for automobile to Z for supplier. Everywhere in the world where heavy loads have to be handled, our lifting columns, rotating and tilting devices are used.

Bicycle assembly stands for production and workshop 

While the compact bike assembly stand Bike basic Lift has been developed from our proven modular system for handling technology moduhub, the versions Bike pro Stand and the mobile Bike pro Mobil are developments that have been have been specially made for the application of bicycle assembly. For some years now, we have been represented with our Bike products in the production of well-known bicycle manufacturers as well as in workshops.


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Bike proMobil
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